Sunday, July 20, 2008

CAD Edits: Improving Upon a Dada Masterpiece

If you've spent enough time with your finger up the ass of the webcomics industry, there are a few webcomics you've almost certainly heard of. Ctrl-Alt-Del is among the most popular, yet also most reviled webcomics around. Due to its anatomically uninspired character designs, abhorrently lazy writing, incredulously flat and static characterizations, and unyielding stagnation, CAD is generally accepted by critics as the most overrated webcomic in the history of the E-Zone.

It is therefore a popular maneuver by some to attack CAD for the sake of earning a bit of cyberkudos from the rest of the webcomics underground. By pointing out how obviously flawed CAD is, webcartoonists get the impression that they are somehow pointing out something no one has ever realized, and prepare themselves for the glory and accolades that can only come from beating the secret boss at level 1 with only a mop.

Also a popular endeavor, editing CAD strips to remove all dialog, or mix and match panels is, for some reason, considered the height of hilarity among CAD-hating enthusiasts. However this wasn't truly an epidemic until a recent abominable strip from Ol' Buckles, the notorious miscarriage strip.

I'll admit that this occurrence was mildly amusing for the first 10 hours or so, but once the people with senses of humor got theirs done, I realized that this was not going to stop anytime soon. Everyone and their grandma thought they had a hilarious angle on Buckley's latest atrocity, and they were going to share it. A month and a half later, they're still happening.

CAD edits ceased being funny the minute they were run into the fucking ground. I don't mean just editing the miscarriage strip, though. I mean all edits to any CAD strip ever has ceased to be the bastion of hilarity that many think it still is. Someday I hope people learn that memes like this really do have expiration dates, and like the "____ Movie" concept, become tired and dull especially when they weren't particularly hysterical in the first place.


  1. You're improving since your reckless piece on my work, but this is still without insight.

    When you concede that something is popular, you either have to explain why and you have to argue that the populace are fools, which has been tried and tried by better men than you.

    There is still way too much, "I'm cool enough to know about web comics but even cooler -- I hate them" posturing going on. If they're bothering you so much, go play a game.

    Nihilism -- often mislabeled as cynicism -- is a critical and intellectual dead end. You are wasting your writing talent trying to win a tantrum that was lost generations ago. Be careful what you invoke -- Dadaism is a legitimate term, but has come to be the portmanteau word posers trot out when they want to seem knowledgeable about art.

    As for CAD, it's not my cup of tea, but you mess one one cartoonist recklessly and wantonly and you have messed with me as well. It's not about misguided solidarity or revenge, it's about providing you with an education in the consequences of error. You are a person with no demonstrable achievement except to interfere with the work of others, and one day someone -- a boss, a wife, a pal -- is going to unleash upon you, in quiet tones, the truth about your personality defects, and the pain of it is going to be amplified by every additional episode of you shaming yourself with these painfully posed, crackpot "reviews," designed to make you look good by tearing down others who work harder in a month than you do in a year.

    Your ego needs an ESC key.

  2. i wish i knew what the fuck you were babbling about. from what i can tell you're arguing against something that was tangential to my main point. so congratulations on not getting it i guess.

    1. He's talking about slapping your shit, as if this were the knife-fight scene from West Side Story (you fuck with one shitty webcomic artist, you fuck with them ALL), in a literate tone that Charles Dickens would find stuffy in Victorian England. And yeah, he seems to have no idea what "portmanteau" means. Guess the P section was missing when he swallowed that dictionary and shat it out here.

  3. congratulations scartoonist you win the 'gayest dude alive' award from me, ted david. also you have no idea what the fuck 'portmanteau' means do you. here's a hint: you are an aspergian faggot who will never know the touch of a woman. peace.